Barb and Les Hoover
Graham, WA
Pictures Unaltered
While we appreciate that people have an interest in viewing our horses
year round, we are unable to provide new pictures and videos during
the year between October 15th to May 15th.  This is due to many
reasons.  One is that we do not blanket our horses as part of our
natural horse care, so our horses have a healthy winter coat during
these months.  Their health and weight remain good throughout the
year, but they look shaggy in their winter coats.  However, we do take
new pictures of our sales horses every summer, if we see that they
have had changes, to keep their pages up to date. We will try to have
videos of all our sales horses and we thank you for your patience.

Photos and video taken by Laura Perez with a select few by other
family members, unless otherwise noted.
Media Policies
Purchase Policies
We thank you for your interest in making one of our horses a part of
your equine family.  If you have concerns about the health or
soundness of the horse, we invite you to do a prepurchase exam.  We
can provide the names of several local vets if you do not live in this

Also, we realize there are many people who may already own a horse
that does not currently suit your equine needs, but regrettably we are
unable to consider trades.  Thank you for your understanding!
Yellow Rose Arabian Horses
12117 Kapowsin Hwy E
Graham, WA  98338
(253) 847-2879
(253) 219-2875
Texts allowed
Farm Policies
Our first priority is safety in all that we do.  Therefore, we require
helmets to be used for everyone and every ride (minimal exceptions
were made under controlled conditions for recent photos).  Jumping is
only allowed by ages 13 and up that are experienced riders.