Barb and Les Hoover
Graham, WA
Pictures Unaltered
As anyone who has visited our farm can attest to, we garden for food
and flowers.  One of the best by-products of raising horses, chickens,  
etc. is what they produce to fertilize the gardens.  It allows up to grow
large quantities of our favorite fruits and vegetables on a relatively
small amount of land.  Usually we only grow enough for our immediate
family group but occasionally we have bumper crops and wanted a
place to share that bounty.  So, we will share here and post on
Facebook whenever we have extra for sale.

One thing we already know we have for next spring is beautiful yellow
gladiola bulbs, so if anyone is interested let us know.
Yellow Rose Arabian Horses
12117 Kapowsin Hwy E
Graham, WA  98338
(253) 847-2879
(253) 219-2875
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